Padurean Adrian Octavian

Order, Entropy, a never ending circle.

A little bit about me

Marketing graduate, recently completed my thesis on E-Sports and Celebrity Endorsement, on which I earned a first class grade. I am very passionate about E-Sports and the Gaming Industry in general, being an avid gamer of several genres myself.

I am a marketing and communication executive with extensive experience in both online and offline channels, most of my experience has been with Coventry University Students' Union, as I wanted to experience the university experience fully and this allowed me to focus on my academic studies while also gaining various useful hard and soft skills.

All my activities allowed me to communicate with people, various individuals which were unique in their own way and ultimately they have allowed me to grow, by providing me with something which is much more important than anything else on earth, knowledge. I am very enthusiastic about learning anything and everything in every form or shape!

Recently, I have shifted towards a career in web development, I have started attending various online courses to steadily envelop myself in different programming languages and decide towards a career path. I have started by joining Harvard's CS50 where I learned a big chunck of C, followed by FreeCodeCamp where I started working towards my Full Stack Developer certificate having used HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery and JSON.

Lastly, I have finished a web development introductory course with Decode Academy in Timisoara to further develop my already existing skills as well as adding MySQL and PHP to my skillset.

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